Feb 1, 2010


Here's a drawing that I did a while ago. I found the picture online, and then I redrew it freehand and colored it in.I'm super super excited in case you couldn't tell. This is the last season and I hope that they finally answer the questions and don't leave us all hanging. So for today's post I was thinking about talking about LOST. Has anyone seen the four minute preview of the first episode?! It's crazy!!!! Juliet did something...important...but I don't know what it is! If you haven't seen it, go here NOW.
I'm really curious to see who's theory is going to be right. I know that there are some theories that are just wrong. For example. It is absolutely not a dream. They promised us that early on. But I swear to god, if they make it a dream but justify it with some time travel nonsense, I will scream and cry and spam them with letters/emails until they send me a personal apology.
And I'm pretty sure it's not aliens either, but I could be wrong there.
One interesting theory that I heard a while back is that the earth isn't round. In fact, part of the earth, specifically the part above the island actually curves inward. Hence why it's difficult to get to and from the island. But since I heard this theory, I think it's been proven wrong. Or if not wrong, irrelevant, based on the last episode.
I think that their last explanation will have something do do with spirituality, reincarnation, and time travel. But we'll see!
So watch LOST tonight! 9pm on abc. (Also there's a summary episode at 8 that will catch you up on the last 5 seasons)
Also you may have noticed that the site looks a bit different. That is because I wanted to put that cute drawing I did as the title!

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  1. i was about to ask wtf that picture was. then i saw the pregnant australian chick and realized.