Feb 18, 2010

eek! a day late!

Sorry that there wasn't a post yesterday! I had a crazy wednesday and thursday. I had a spanish test on Thursday and a History midterm yesterday. Don't worry, I think that I did really well. The Spanish test was surprisingly easy. I was on the second to last page and I looked up and saw that everyone else was still on the second page. sooooo that was awesome. Same with History. I knew exactly how to answer the questions and I finished in about 45 minutes. I had to define like 20 things and then I wrote an essay on Napoleon. So as far as tests goes, they were very nice.
Oh! And everyone should vote on the poll! So far everything is tied and that's no good.
Excuses, excuses! I didn't post anything yesterday and I'm sorrrrry. And now I have a new post for you. This is something that I'm not sure if anyone else likes. I am a big onion fan. I put them in almost everything I make (as you may have noticed) and this is a really yummy onion-centered dish. If you don't like onions...don't make this. Don't try it, I think I can guarantee that you won't like it. For example, I wouldn't make this for Dan. He doesn't like strings of onions (weirdo) I call it: onion pasta! It is not a food to eat before you go on a date. I repeat! No dates! Anyway, here's how you make it!

1 onion
olive oil
a bit of brown sugar (if you're not using sweet onions)
1 tbsp dried basil
cooked pasta

Slice up the onion into long strips and try to make them as even as possible.

We're going to cook the onions for a long time, and we don't want some crunchy and some burned. In a pan melt butter and add a bit of olive oil. Then add the onions and stir them around. Ok so here is where personal preference comes in. As I'm cooking, I like to grab an onion slice out of the pan and see how crunchy it is and when I feel like it's soft enough, I'll stop cooking then. So I don't really have any time measurements for you. Just stay by the stove and keep an eye on it. It should be around 20-40 minutes. And as it's cooking, if they seem to be burning or not cooking evenly, add about a tablespoon of water--or chicken broth!
If you are not using sweet onions, add about 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar about 5 or 10 minutes into the cooking time, just to act against the really strong onion flavor. As the onions are cooking, stir them around every couple of minutes or so.
When the onions have reached the softness level you want, add 1 tbsp basil. Stir it into the onions until they are all sweet and basil-y.
Put a portion of the onions on top of a bowl of pasta and add parmesan!

Yummy! (...if you're an onion lover)

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