Feb 4, 2010

rrarrrarrr SAINTS

SORRYYYYYY I don't have a food post again today. I'm incredibly lazy and school work is catching up to me. For dinner I made pizza rice, which is something I used to eat all the time in high school, but I think it kind of grosses some people out. I don't know why, I mean, it's just rice with pizza sauce and some cheese. But anyway, I didn't take a picture in case some of you all are grossed out by that too.
Be ready for a lottttt of cool posts next week though! This weekends the superbowl and I'm making lots of cool stuff! So how about you guys? Are you going to watch the superbowl? Or are you like me and just watch the commercials and mute the actual game? Who are you rooting for? I'm rooting for the saints. I looked up who's playing on wikipedia and I decided they're cooler. Also they have an obvious theme song that I already know.
And if you haven't voted already, go vote! The banana bread is winning!

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  1. I voted, and stuffed the ballot box.