Feb 7, 2010

superbowl y'all!

It's superbowl day!

I'm gonna be cooking all morning and for most of the afternoon to get ready! We're having all sorts of goodies, and I'll post the recipes this week. Be excited people. You're gonna love it. I'm making wings, banana chocolate bites, pizza bites, japanese cucumber salad (That's just for me cause I think that's too healthy for the boys), chili, and probably some steak too. Well, Andy will most likely make the steak, but I'll be present.

Can I also just tell you guys how much I love grocery shopping? I went to safeway last night and besides the fact that it's incredibly annoying to actually GO, I looooooove it when I come home and my table looks like this.

So satisfying. Also when the fruit bowl is 50% avocado. excellent.

Most of those avocados will be gone after today. But yea, going to safeway is a huge ordeal. We have to take buses, walk a long ways, and then carry everything back. boooooooooooooo.
And the poll came out tied between orange chicken and cinnamon swirl banana bread! I'll be making both this week. That means be doubly excited!
Hope you all have a fantastic superbowl feast!

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