Mar 9, 2010

Stupid school makes me eat beans and frags

UGH school is not fun sometimes. Yesterday I had a freak out moment because I don't know if I will be able to graduate in four years because of the UC budget system. Basically, I came to UCSC to get a film degree, but it's suddenly become really popular and now the classes are impacted beyond belief. Because I'm a second year and I don't have priority enrollment, I can't get into any of the classes I need. I decided that film was impossible to do in four years, so I switched to a history major with a film minor. But now, that seems to be impossible as well. I calculated how many classes I need to take and I have to take 18 classes within a space of 21 classes. So basically, I have to get into every class I need perfectly and never get blocked out of classes. That doesn't work at all because, with the budget problem, the UCs have cut thousands of seats from classes and now the classes are significantly smaller--but I'm still paying more. THIS SYSTEM SUCKS. Lately there have been strikes all over California over the education cuts, but I admit that I didn't go to any of them. The last few have turned out not so great in that some (stupid) people have veered off from the strike lines and occupied buildings, vandalized private property etc. Which seems like it completely defeats the purpose of a peaceful strike. So basically, I'm angry and the government/UC system need to get their act together. Sorry for the rant, but that was my entire day yesterday, and I thought you all should know.
Last week, you all said that I should make more breakfast foods, so this week, the poll is all about breakfast foods! So vote for your favs!
Also! My cousin Erin just started a blog and you should all go check it out! She has a lot of cool stuff to say, so go read it!
I have a funny food post for you today. Some of you who are on facebook may have seen my status a couple days ago that said: "The best meals are the ones where you and your roommates realize your hungry at 1am and the only things you have are ground beef, baked beans, hotdogs, and onions. OMNOM"
And so that's exactly what happened. We were hungry and had no groceries. And that is how Beans and Frags was invented. Beans and Frags is a play off of beans and franks, but frags are not franks at all. frag is another word for grenade in gamer-speak. (we mostly talk in gamer-speak here, especially the boys)
Now, if you aren't in college, you will probably never want to eat this ever. I think this is one of those things that college kids think is awesome and delicious (and cheap) but anyone else in their right mind would rather just order a pizza.
Andy had recently bought some onions and he wanted to try making an onion frag. So he put the entire onion in the oven on a baking sheet and cranked up the oven. He was hoping to get a sweet delicious onion and, surprisingly, he did!
While the onion was cooking, we cooked up some ground beef. We were hunting around for other things to add, when Dan came across a can of baked beans leftover from last weekend. And I came across some hot dogs in the fridge. Then I shouted: "CHILI DOG! put the baked beans with the ground beef, you get chili. Put it on a hot dog, wrap it in a tortilla and you're good!" BUT by then, andy had taken the onion out and was peeling layers off. He filled one layer with ground beef and started making yummy noises. And then I did that too, but I added some baked beans on top. After we had all tried the baked beans/ground beef combo, we just decided to dump the beans in with the ground beef and make chili. Then we filled the onion layers with the chili and it was soooooo good.
Dan came up with the name: Beans and Frags
This is Andy. He's a weirdo.
And now this is our go-to meal for when we run out of groceries.
Dan also made a chili dog, jsut for funsies.

The other thing we did, was use the chili as dip for nacho chips and jalapeno chips. OMNOMNOM indeed!


  1. ooh intense!
    and thanks natalie that book sounds super intriguing! and also thanks for mentioning me :)

  2. you are my hero? forever?