Mar 15, 2010

Hi I'm Natalie and I'm a chip addict

I would like to announce to the world that I am DONE WITH MY FEMINIST THEORY CLASS! yayyyyyyy! Seriously, I could not be happier. Not the worst class I've taken, but it is definitely up there on the list. (Econ 2 takes the cake, if you were wondering) Yesterday I handed in my final paper and I was done with that class for good. The worst part of it is, I only took that class in order to stay in school. The system requires that we have at least 14 credits, or we are not a full time student. If you're not a full time student, you cant live on campus, and you could be kicked out for a quarter or more. So basically, when I only had two classes this quarter I was forced to find a third class and feminist theory was literally the only thing left. And it ended up being my most difficult class! But that doesn't matter now, because I am never taking a fem class again. No offense to all the fem studies majors out there. I'm sure you're all great at what you do. But your major blows.
Anyway, onto the food!
Last weeks winner at the poll was eggs benedict, so I will be making those over my spring break. I'm sure my parents will be very happy, because my mom has been asking me to make them forever.
I have a super, super, SUPER simple recipe for y'all today. I actually wasn't going to post it, but they ended up so tasty, I just have to share it. We (me and my roomies) were having another kitchen adventure and we decided to make ground beef with taco seasoning and guacamole. But we didn't have any chips! ...but we did have tortillas. And oil. So I made tortilla chips!
Tortilla chips are really good, but homemade ones are like exponentially better. Basically what you do is grab a fat stack of tortillas, cut them into wedges (a pizza cutter is an excellent tool here) and then start heating up about a 1/2 inch of oil in a pot. When the oil is hot, maybe about 350F, throw a couple of wedges in the oil. After about a 30 seconds to a minute, grab some tongs and flip them over.

Use your discretion here, because some people like their chips super crispy, and some don't. I did a mix of the two. Anyway, these chips are great with homemade guacamole, and I'm sure they would make great nachos too!


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