Mar 21, 2010


So I don't have a recipe for you today. Instead, I want to review a pizza place I went to on Friday night. But first, some background info: when I was first diagnosed with celiac, we went to a celiac conference at Stanford. They're usually yearly events where vendors sell their gluten free food, the grown ups learn about new developments in treatment and research, and the kids go play games and hang out with other celiacs. So at the first celiac conference I went to, there were only a few kids. Me, Molly, and Adi became good friends really fast. Later we were also part of the same ROCK group (raising our celiac kids) and we would have sleepovers with awesome gluten free food. But that was when I was about 10, and now that the years have gone by, we've kind of gotten out of touch. I haven't seen Adi in I don't know how long. And I hadn't seen Molly for three years before Friday.
But on Friday, we decided to go get some gluten free pizza at this place called zpizza. They're a chain pizza joint that's all over the world. They focus on using organic and fresh ingredients on their pizzas, which in itself is awesome. But on top of that, they also cater to celiacs! They have a thin crust gluten free pizza that you can get just about anything on. (except for the toppings with gluten of course) So me and Molly went to zpizza and ordered two different kinds: A sausage/pepperoni/onion pizza and a mexican pizza. Now I had never heard of a mexican pizza before, but it was so good! It was salsa, lime chicken, mozzarella, red and green onions, sour cream, avocados, and cilantro. It was delicious and had a touch of spicyness to it.
More importantly though, the gluten free crust is fantastic! It's not gummy or weird like some crusts, it's crispy, light, and awesome. Even the next morning when I was eating the leftover slices, the crust was still great. The only complaint I had, was that the gluten free crust only comes in 10" sizes. But that's more than enough for one person.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the pizza because my I took pictures with my phone and now it wont sync to my computer. super fantastic. But hopefully, I'll be getting a new sync cable for it soon and maybe I'll put up pictures after that.
I would highly recomend zpizza for anyone looking for good gluten free pizza. Heck! If you want pizza, go check out zpizza!
Here's their website, and hopefully you can find a place near you!

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