Jul 5, 2010


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End of shameless promotion. On to the food.
At Alayna's request:
I love avocado. I can't get enough of it. When I come home from school for breaks, my dad prepares by buying 5-10 avocados just for me. They're so weird! Green, mushy fruits that are sooooo amazing. I'm probably not making any sense right now, but don't worry about it. Just know that the avocados are so so so good. So here is my/my dad's recipe for guacamole, the best ever!
note: sorry all the measurements are "dash of" but I really don't know how to quantify them. I'm going to work on that over the course of this week. If you really really really need measurements, I'm going to guesstimate them at about 1/8 tsp. I realize that's a small amount, but this is just one avocado and dried spices are pretty strong.
note 2: Sorry there aren't pics, but honestly, its just a bowl of green mush. You can picture it.

1 avocado, cored, peeled, and mushed
dash of cumin
dash of dried oregano
dash of garlic powder
dash of onion powder
salt to taste
finely chopped jicama (chopped into tiny cubes)

Mush the avocado with a fork; if the avocado isn't quite ripe enough and isn't mushing add a tiny bit of a neutral oil like canola or vegetable. Don't add too much, just a drop or two will soften the avocado and make it easier to mush. Mix in the seasonings and jicama and serve with chips!


  1. You should make a label for Pappy Spice, so when you use it in a recipe, people can find the original entry for it, to get ITS recipe!

  2. well the problem with that is: It's not my recipe! It's Dan's dad's recipe!