Apr 19, 2010

I'm a mad scientist

For those of you that are on facebook you may have seen me ranting about my oven the other day. I. Hate. My. Oven. It's like 50 years old, doesn't cook evenly, one of the burners never works, and when the ovens on, two of the burners don't work. that's like a recipe for disaster. On Saturday I had a lot of free time so I wanted to bake something. I decided on chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting but I never got to eat them! Because my oven destroyed them. I double checked the recipe, I didn't over mix (if anything, I under mixed), but still. They sunk. Here's a picture of the spectacular fail.

So hopefully the fix-it people will be coming by and fixing it. Or better yet, replacing it.Now since I had failed so much with the cupcakes, I wanted to make something else that would be awesome. So I put a bunch of ingredients from the pantry, fridge, and freezer on the counter.

Then Dan and Dominick helped me decide what we should and shouldn't use. In the end, I made three different rice dishes. It was super multicultural! Asian, Mexican, and Italian.First I made rice in the rice cooker using a can of chicken broth and a packet of onion soup mix for seasoning. When the rice was done I let it cool in the freezer so that it would be easier to fry.For the Asian rice I fried the rice in butter and added green beans and corn, ground ginger, and Siracha hot sauce.

For the mexican rice, I fried the rice with pico de gallo and taco seasoning then put shredded cheese on top.

For the Italian rice, I made tomato sauce with lots of herbs and spices then added the rice.

Overall I thought this turned out pretty well! My favorite was the Asian rice (the ginger was awesome in it) but the boys liked the Mexican and Italian rice better. They're not much for vegetables.
Sorry I don't have recipes for them, I was kind of improvising. But you can totally make these too! Just season them similarly to your taste.

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