Jun 23, 2010

The Feast at Lele

So right now I'm on vacation with my family in Hawaii. Me, Mom, Ejner, Stephen, and his girlfriend Virginia. So here we are in Maui and it's freaking amazing!!! I want to be on vacation here forever. But just to clarify I don't want to live here. Because then I couldn't sit on the beach all day. BOO. I just want this vacation to last forever and I want a non-stop source of money so that I can go shopping and do activities etc etc etc. Damn, I wish I had a fairy godmother or something.
Anyway! Enough with the wishing. Last night we went to a luau which was soooo cool. It's called the Feast at Lele, which apparently is the ancient name of the town we're in. The whole outline of the Luau was a tour of the Polynesian islands. So each course had a different theme and show attached to it. The first course was, of course, Hawaii and featured dancing from the different islands. The second course was New Zealand and the dancers did Haka and had face paint and everything. The third course was Tahiti and they had some beautiful outfits for this one. Headdresses as tall as they were! The last course was Samoa. The dancing for this course didn't impress me that much. But then it was followed by a fire dancer, which was definitely the highlight of my evening.
Here's the menu and I will be posting pictures later, when I have better internet access. With a four course meal, trust me, there was plenty of food. Thought I was going to need a wheelbarrow to get home!

Course 1: Hawaii
Imu Roasted Pig: The tradition at a Luau, a pig cooked in the ground ancient Hawaiian style. Served with Poi which really doesn't taste like anything at all.
Pohole Ferns and Hearts of Palm salad
Fresh fish with Mango Salsa: It was the catch of the day, but I forget what it is now.

Course 2: New Zealand
Duck Salad with Poha Berry Dressing
Maori fishcake
Hatore Kumara: Roasted mushrooms, sweet potato, and garlic
Special alterations for Natalie: for this course I was served a salad. Kind of boring. Not my favs.

Course 3: Tahiti
Fafa: Steamed chicken wrapped in taro leaf with coconut milk
Poisson Cru: Another fresh fish of the day
Scallops on the shell: baked scallops pretty much
Special alterations for Natalie: For this course I had the chicken and this side dish that was sweet potato and spinach cooked in coconut cream. I'm going to figure out how to make this at home because I never thought that I would like it, but it was so tasty!

Course 4: Samoa
Grilled Steak
Palusami: squash with taro leaf and coconut cream
Shrimp and Avocado with Lilikoi
Special alterations for Natalie: For this course they just gave me unmarinated steak that I ate with the squash.

Course 5: Dessert
Macadamia nut tart
Chocolate truffle
Fresh fruit: Strawberries, Papaya, and Pineapple.
Special alterations for Natalie: I just had the fresh fruit. BORING. But that's ok because I was way too full to even think about eating a chocolate tart.

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