Jun 1, 2010

The cake is NOT a lie! Part I

I am a nerd. I am. I've accepted it. Luckily, my roommates are nerds too! Next week is one of my roomie's birthday and I decided that he needed a birthday cake. He's not much for celebrating birthdays, but I told him that I didn't care, and I'm really only making this cake for me because I like cake. However, I did give it a theme that I thought he might like. This...is a portal cake. Portal is an awesome video game that's kind of a mind explosion. You have a gun that can create portals and you have to get through these complicated puzzle rooms by shooting "portals" into walls. here's some pics to make my description clearer.

Oh and at the same time, you are being led on by a computer named GlaDOS. She seems nice....but she's totally trying to kill you. In the game, GlaDOS tells you that once you get to the end of the "tests," you will get a lovely cake. But you never get the cake, which leads you to believe that the cake is a lie. But at the end of the game, there's a little clip of the cake in a storage room.

So the cake is not a lie! And I made it!

Also here is a companion cube I made out of silly putty.

< :D <-- Happy nerd with a birthday hat

Now that I've explained what Portal is, I think I'll leave the recipe until tomorrow. The recipes pretty crazy long, so come on back tomorrow for how to do it yourself!

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