Jan 25, 2010

Cupcakes and Art

So yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. Had a lot of reading and a lot of class. Here's a drawing I did in my feminist theory lecture entitled "What I'd Rather Be Doing Right Now"

As you can probably guess, lecture was boring as hell today. Then after lecture I was too pooped to go back home and make dinner so I just went to the dining hall with my friends. AND I WAS ON THE MENU! well not me. But there were Pinto beans. So I guess I'm a cannibal for eating them? That's not so good...

Another important event in my life: I did not get a job. I recently applied for a job at urban outfitters and they told me that if I did inventory I would probably get hired. So I woke up at 4 AM to go downtown and count things for five hours. And guess what people? I didn't get the job anyway. And apparently they don't have the cojones to tell me in person or over the phone because I found out via...postcard. Does anyone else find that weird?

Oh also! If you haven't voted for what I should cook this weekend, go vote now!

But then life got better cause when I was doing my (boring) history reading, it occurred to me that there was a box of cupcake mix in the cabinet...and a jar of frosting.... So cupcakes it was! (I mean, I really wanted the frosting, but if I just eat frosting out of the jar I feel fat, ya know?) So I whipped out the box and tested it out! I have never made these ones before, so consider this a review with lots of pictures. Dan is letting me borrow his camera, so I'm just taking pictures of everything. And in fact, Dan's mom gave me this box of mix and frosting! So everyone say thanks to her!
Here we go, cupcake makin' time!

mix, mix, mix. lalalalala

look what else came in the box! cuuuuuute!

While they were cooking away, I took pics of the boys playing smash and read my history book. The latter was
very very boring, in case you were wondering.

DING! Cupcakes are done! yummmmmmmmmmmy

I was a little worried about the frosting because it was kind of thick and I didn't think it would spread very well. Turns out, it wasn't really frosting, more like a delicious sugary glaze. We tried cupcakes with the frosting/glaze and, in my opinion, they aren't really "cupcakes."
They taste sort of....organic-ey? whole-grain-ey? healthy? Not unhealthy enough to be cupcakes anyway. More like tasty, tasty breakfast muffins.
This morning I cut one in half, hollowed it out a bit, and fill it with strawberry jam! YUM!


  1. My favorite line: in my opinion, they aren't really "cupcakes." They taste sort f....organic-ey?
    whole-grain-ey? healthy? Not unhealthy enough to be cupcakes anyway.

    I love the drawings ..... but please do try to pay SOME attention in class.


  2. One more thing... don't you find some irony in having a blog called "The College Housewife" when you're taking a class on the history of feminism?!?

    me again

  3. Oh, and one MORE thing .... I voted twice for Shepherd Pie. Vote early, and vote often. That's my motto.

  4. lol paying attention is overrated! and yes I do see the irony, and I am embracing it. hhaha well so far cinnamon roll muffins are winning!

  5. cinnamon muffins would be soooo good. you have no idea

  6. NO FAIR I WANT A KITCHEN! hmph. dorm fail.
    Also, i just have to point out two particularly contrasting doodles - "dancing in my heels to single ladies" and "reading about zombies". This is why we are the same person.
    love it!