Jan 30, 2010

Ahhhhh College

Last night for dinner....well...when I say dinner I mean the general eating time between 7 and midnight. We (being me and my roomies) went grocery shopping last night and since we don't have a car, we have this neat system that is basically rent-a-car. It's called zipcar, and we can reserve a car for a couple hours and go grocery shopping. Trust me. You do not want to do any major shopping when you need to take two buses and walk up and down an enormous hill, even when you do have five people to help carry.
Anyway! We went shopping and since we had the car, we figured we might as well stop and get a nice healthy dinner all together. NOT. Sorry, I totally lied there. We went to mcdonalds. Then we went home and ate a very....confusing...dinner. I had a box of safeway veggie sushi, one order of medium mcdonalds fries, a sierra mist, and a gogurt. I would argue that my meal was at least a little healthy. VEGGIE sushi. goGURT. (like yogurt, but better?)
Don't hate. It was good.
But then it got even more intense! We also had some steak in the freezer and it was decided that we couldn't let that poor steak go to waste. So the boys fried up some of those as well.

Here's Andy ripping apart the frozen steaks.

They seasoned their steaks with garlic powder, onion powder, pappy spice, and cinnamon. (I was a bit skeptical about the cinnamon, but it was pretty good!)

This is Andy explaining how to cook steak. What he's motioning to is the level of tasty meat or flavor or something like that.

While they were cooking I made Dan pose for the camera

Look at Andy enjoying that steak!

And I made mashed potatoes and gravy to go along with it.

That's how I know I'm a housewife. My boyfriend asks for mashed potatoes and gravy and I make it.

Overall....we ate a friggen lot. And it was amazing. Also it put Dan and Andy in "fat-ass-video-game-mode" and they played brawl for a good long time after that.

That was my story and now I have an announcement!

The vote is over! And the winner is....(drum roll please)
Cinnamon Roll Muffins!
I am making those today and I will make a post for them within the next two days or so. So come on back and check it out!


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  1. I'm so sad. I was really rootin' for the Shepherd's Pie.