Aug 2, 2010

Cookie Cake Pie

Are you ready for a sugar coma?! I know I am!
I actually made this months ago for Dan's birthday, but for some reason I haven't posted anything about it yet! This is the most ridiculously sugary thing ever. EVER! This is a cake on top of a giant cookie all within a flakey pie crust. I believe Garrett compared it to a star. As in, super super dense. And sugary...although stars don't have sugar in them. You get the idea.

Cookie Cake Pie
Adapted from CakeSpy
1 batch of cookie dough (your favorite chocolate chip cookie, or just the recipe on the back of the tollhouse bag)
1 batch of cake batter (I used boxed funfetti cause hey, it's fun)
1 pie crust (You can find my favorite pie crust here)
1 jar of frosting (I used vanilla, but you can get creative)

Ok so super easy put assembly: First line a deep pie pan with the pie crust. Then add the cookie dough; spread it out enough to cover the bottom of the pan entirely. Then pour in the cake batter. You aren't going to use all of the cake batter, just fill up the pan. Make some cupcakes with the rest! Then bake the whole thing at 350F for about 30 minutes. Check it every five minutes after the 25 minute mark. You have three very different things in one pan so you need to balance out times as best as possible. After the cake/pie/sugar bomb has cooled, frost generously and dig in!
Please limit yourself to one slice. I can not be held responsible if you go into a sugar coma and don't wake for days.


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