Feb 10, 2011

Life Changes FTW

Oh hello everybody!
I have had a horrible horrible day. But that's alright! Because something awesome made my day so much better.
But first: the backstory.
A couple days ago, I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when I had a scary thought. I'm graduating in a year. Oh dear god! That's like nothing. Two and a half years have gone by in a snap and I only have one year left?! That is not ok. And then panic set in. Here was my sleepy, disoriented, and terrified train of thought:
But if I'm going to graduate, I'm going to have to get a job.
But if I'm going to get a job, I have to have experience..
I...I don't have any experience...
After a little bit of panicking, I fell into a deep and troubled sleep. Not really, I slept fine, I just enjoy using phrases like deep and troubled sleep. Makes me feel like I'm getting my moneys worth with a literature degree. Anyway, so after my pleasant and relaxing sleep, I tried to ignore the little sense of dread in the back of my head saying: "I don't want to grow up! I want to be in college forever!"
I was fairly successful until today, when I went to the history department's career information meeting. Basically, a bunch of alumnus came to meet us history students and tell us how they got into their chosen field. It was informative, but it really only told me that most people end up in their careers by chance, not careful planning. And that's just not how I work. I enjoy lists, planning, timelines and such. But! One of these alumni told me about a teaching internship that she found to be a wonderful experience. It's called Breakthrough Collaborative. The way it works is that they select high school and college students to teach classes of middle schoolers over the summer. But it's not just being a teacher's aide of assistant, they are actual teachers. Like running the school, planning classes, and just generally being awesome.
So my horribly, no good, very bad day was made all better because this is what I want to do with my life! This program sounds amazing, and I am soooo excited to try and participate! Their selection is kind of limited, but hopefully I'll stand out.
I don't have any fun food to go with this fun and inspiring day for me. BUT I have big plans for this weekend, get ready for a delicious dessert post next week. Here's a hint:
It's not quite a brownie, but it's not quite a cake either.


  1. What a great story, Natalie!!
    You will be an awesome teacher; you already are and I've seen it for years. Plus, teaching experience can take you many different directions.
    Don't forget your backup: GF Chef

  2. Yay! You have so much to offer, I'm sure you'll stand out. :D

    (And can't wait to see this promised dessert....)

  3. You will definitely stand out because you have the right attitude, and don't panic, you will get a job and you'll miss your college textbooks. What's for dessert? Is it an ice cream cake?