Jan 9, 2011

Really Google? Really?

Sorry it's been so long since my last post everybody. I got back to school about a week ago and I've been crazy busy trying to figure out my class schedule and starting the ridiculous amount of homework the professors assigned for the first week. I'm taking three upper-division history classes, which means that I am now really involved in the history major. I'm taking Early Modern English History (basically a history of the Tudors), Modern World History, and Asian American History. So for the next ten weeks reading will be my life. I seriously cannot believe the amount of reading that I have to do! The thought of managing all this reading was stressing me out, so I decided to go check out my blog and see what else I could do with the new design. (Speaking of, what do you guys think of it?) So, as I was roaming around the blogspot design page, I noticed a button I had never seen before: Stats. I was intrigued. What sort of statistics would blogspot be tracking besides page views? Well, let me tell you. A lot of amazing and hilarious stuff.
For example: I apparently have an international readership! Check this out! People in Pakistan, India, The Netherlands, and Russia are reading my stuff!

But the highlight of my day came from a gem of a section regarding search keywords. Apparently I come up in a number of searches, some more logical than others. Here's the first search box:

Ok, not so bad, that makes sense. Looking for apple pie and sopaipillas, which are super delicious. Not sure why someone searched "s not much for celebrating," but hey, whatever. But then I saw this window...

PERFECT BUTTS?! Who the heck searched that and found my blog? I mean, I'm flattered that I came up in that search, but really? Of course, now that I've written "perfect butts" in all caps, I suppose that my blog will now turn up in that search more often.
Also, I love that "smashing housewife" linked up to my blog. Yes, I am quite smashing. And all my readers are having a smashing good time, thank you.
Anyway, this little stats button made my day, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Thanks for searching such weird things and contributing to my posts viewed count. :)

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